7 abr. 2017

Thievery Corporation - The Temple of I & I

1- Thief Rockers (feat Zee)
2- Letter to the editor (Racquel Jones)
3- Strike the root (feat Notch)
4- Ghetto matrix (feat Mr Lif)
5- True sons of Zion (feat Notch)
6- The temple of I & I 
7- Time + space (feat Lou Lou Ghelichkhani)
8- Love has no heart (feat Shana Halligan)
9- Lose to find (feat Elin Melgarejo)
10- Let the chalice blaze
11- Weapons of distraction (feat Notch)
12- Road block (feat Racquel Jone)
13- Fight to survive (feat Mr Lif)
14- Babylon falling (feat Puma)
15- Drop your guns (feat Notch)

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